Court Camera

Live camera feeds from Court 3 & 4.  Feeds may not always be running.

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The most advanced squash court in the world

Chesham Bois is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Sporting Innovations Ltd, UK distributor of PlaySight sports video and analysis software, to install the UK’s first Smartcourt and the only Smartcourt in the world to boast five HD cameras. Playsight is backed by some of the world’s top sports stars and used by a large number of professional sports teams in the US and around the world. This is their first venture into UK squash. The installation of the Smartcourt and neighbouring Live Court has been sponsored by local business Hope Vets in order to provide a centre of excellence for the squash community.

The cameras provide a wide variety of benefits:

  1. The club now has the facility to live stream matches from Court 4 and Court 3.
  2. A professional video review system is in place similar to that used on the PSA, with any of the five cameras able to provide frame by frame zoomed in HD coverage of any part of the court. No more disputed pick-ups or line calls!
  3. Members can watch themselves play, cutting between cameras as they like, either by using the courtside analysis station or via their phone/tablet/computer.
  4. Coaches are able to record their students and provide feedback on their technique/tactics/positioning etc via voice notes on the video streams and using custom designed analysis software to illustrate their coaching points.
  5. Members and coaches can create highlight reels of their matches. Want to watch your best 10 winners without the accompanying 55 tins? No problem. You can even share your footage with your friends or post to social media/you tube.
  6. All footage from the cameras and all the editing tools are easily accessed via the Playsight portal or phone apps, so no-one has to download or transfer chunky amounts of data and the footage can be viewed wherever and whenever is convenient.

Courtesy of Hope Vets’ support, all of these benefits are provided free to squash members of Chesham Bois. The system is incredibly easy to use but if you have any questions or want to arrange a demonstration, please email