League Rules

Main leagues run for 8 Calendar months – September 1st to April 30th

Summer leagues run for 4 Calendar months – May 1st to August 31st

1.  Objective

For members to participate in regular competitive squash matches with players of a similar standard.

2.  Scoring – *** Please Note: the new PAR (Point a rally) marking system introduced from 1st Jan 2017 ***

Matches to be played as the best of 5 games with the option of either:

PAR to 11* marking (the default option)

PAR to 15* marking agreed by both players before starting the game

English marking (Hand In, Hand Out) to 9 agreed by both players before starting the game

*In PAR marking if any game gets to 10-10 (or 14-14 if playing to 15) then two clear points are required to win that game IE: 12-10 or 16-14

All matches, independent of the chosen marking system, to be scored as follows:

Score Points
 Completed  3-0  6-1
 3-1  5-2
 3-2  4-3
 Unfinished  2-2  3-3
 2-1  3-2
 2-0  3-1
 1-1  2-2
 1-0  2-1
 Walk Over  4-0


3.  Walk Overs

Both players should make every effort to avoid these by being reasonable about arranging and rearranging match fixtures. However, guidelines for a justifiable claim to a walk-over include:

– Cancellation within 24 hours of an agreed fixture

– Refusal to accept two sensible fixtures with none offered in return

– Cancellation of a fixture within the last 7 days with no alternative offered

Note: Where a player pulls out of the league having played at least half of their matches, their results will generally be included in working out league placings unless to do so would create an unfair outcome in the opinion of the league organiser.

4.  Promotion / Relegation

Subject always to the accommodation of new league players:

Leagues 1-4

– Top two players in each league will be promoted one league

– Bottom two players will be relegated one league

Leagues 5 onwards

– Top player in each league will be promoted two leagues, second player will be promoted one league

– Bottom player will be relegated two leagues, second from bottom player will be relegated one league

– Players recording no points in 2 consecutive months will be excluded from the next league

5.  General

Please leave your messages for the League Organiser via the message system in MMM rather than by phone or on the league tables. New members wishing to join should indicate which League is suitable, otherwise they can only be put in the bottom League.

Monthly Leagues can be viewed on the squash booking site:  Manage My Match

The League Organiser has complete discretion on any matter not covered above.

Colin Sanders (League Organiser)


The Leagues are managed and organised voluntarily and are there to allow members to play each other in a competitive and friendly manner, essentially for fun!  We know many members appreciate this and enter into the leagues with the correct spirit in mind. We encourage all league players to look at their league position from the bottom up but of course not everyone does so it’s important to keep in mind the leagues are for your and everybody else’s enjoyment, please don’t spoil them!

Q1  If a player opts out of the following month’s league do his/her results for the current league still stand?  If ‘yes’ do they stand if the player has played some but not all of their games?

A1  If player has played more than half of their games then their results still stand.

Q2  If a player gets injured during the month having played some but not all of their games, what happens to the results of the played games? Similarly, if the injured player indicates they are pulling out of the current league but do not scratch their results what happens?

A2  As above, see A1.  Players are encouraged to write the reason for pulling out of the league on the sheet next to the leagues on the notice board and usually indicate when they will re-enter them.

Q3: If a player posts leagues matches and an opponent does not sign on to any or fails to offer any or fails to respond to emails requesting dates, what should happen?

A3  Chase them!  By phone if necessary!  It is important to remember the court booking facility is an aid to make things easier for member to arrange their league games it is not a substitution for actual contact!

Q4  How does the process of coming back into the leagues work after an injury or absence?  Is there any objectivity to it or it purely subjective?

A4  The basic principle is for players to come back to their league position where they exited but a subjective decision based on what is known of the players standard and other player movement in the leagues that month have to be taken into account. We actively watch for people dropping out and then asking to come in ahead of where they were previously.

Q5  What are the circumstances for claiming a 4 point ‘Walk-Over’?

A5  In addition to Section 3 of the league rules above:  1) Short notice cancellation where an alternative game can’t be arranged.  Note:  It is very unlikely that a walkover would be appropriate in the first fortnight of the month!  We hope players will make a mutual effort to try to get their games played within the month and use common sense(!).  Walk Overs should only be claimed after both players have made every effort to play their league game and where possible Walk Overs should be agreed by both players!